Assignment 1 Group Assignment

Topics: Statistics, Statistical hypothesis testing, Null hypothesis Pages: 7 (2491 words) Published: April 4, 2015
Victoria Graduate School of Business
This group assignment requires your team to apply statistical knowledge and skills learned from BEO5539 lectures between week 2 and 7. Please note the following: (a) Each assignment group will comprise no more than 3 members. Each team member is expected to work collaboratively with one another and contribute their fair share of effort in completing this group assignment. Team members must be from the same tutorial group. It is important that there is coordination among team members to ensure this assignment is duly completed and submitted by the deadline.

(b) Real data must be used for this assignment. The variables for this group assignment are identified in Table 1 below. These variables can be extracted from Orbis database via

(c) In Orbis database, please:
- select 3 countries (at least one developed country and one developing country);
- select one industry (same industry for the 3 countries);
avoid selecting data from 2014 because significant amount of the 2014 data is yet to be released through this database. Missing data must not be included in the analysis and therefore must be deleted from the spreadsheet. - note that the listed companies extracted from Orbis database are used to infer about the population of companies in this assignment.

(d) Your sample sizes will vary according to your choice of countries and industry for focus. If any of the sample size (for a country) is less than 30, please discuss this with your instructor. (e) Some of the variables may have to be transformed or re-coded before the application of a statistical technique.

(f) Please use SPSS for statistical analysis in this group assignment. Relevant SPSS statistical output must be properly analysed and interpreted. Countries comparison for the same industry is usually required (unless explicitly stated) in the questions. In the tests of hypotheses, ensure that the p-values are identified in your statistical decision. (g) Please provide a number for every table, graph or figure used and make clear reference to the table/graph/figure in your discussion.

(h) The word limit for this group assignment is 5,000 words (excluding SPSS output). (i) This assignment is due in week 8. Please submit your assignment in Word document via VU Collaborate together with a completed assessment declaration form signed by all team members and your SPSS data set.

(j) It is not compulsory to use database beyond Orbis database. However, students may want to harvest data from other databases and used them in conjunction with those harvested from Orbis in the form of a merged data file, or use an entirely different database. In these situations, students should approach the instructor for approval before using their preferred database(s) for their group assignment. The instructor will discuss with the team to find out whether the variables and data format are suitable for statistical analyses in the group assignment.

Table 1 – Variables from Orbis database for Assignment 1
V1. Country ISO Code

This variable will automatically appear in the
spreadsheet when you select your 3 countries.
Each country will have a different label.
V2. Operating Revenue
Definition: Income derived from sources related
to a company's everyday business operations.
V3. BvD Indep. Indic.
Known as ‘company independence indicator’. It
categorizes the degree of independence of a
company. The indicator marks are as follows:
A: No recorded shareholder with more than 25%
direct or total ownership.
B: No recorded shareholder with more than 50%
direct or total ownership. And one or more
shareholders are recorded with more than 25%
direct or total ownership.
C: One recorded shareholder with more than
50% direct or total. Also given to a...
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