Assignment 1 Environmental Footprint

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Assignment 1 – Environmental Footprint

TABLE A. Ecological Footprint

Footprint Results
(Answers to the following 2 questions will be given upon completion of footprint)

If everyone lived like you, how many planet Earth’s would we need? 4.2
To support your lifestyle, how many productive global acres area needed? 18.6

Ecological Footprint Breakdown
(Values can be obtained by scrolling over pie chart generated at completion of footprint)

Percent of emissions from Food
Percent of emissions from Shelter
Percent of emissions from Mobility
Percent of emissions from Goods
Percent of emissions from Services
TABLE B. Household Emissions

Household Emissions Results
(Answers can be found in bar graphs following completion of calculator)

What are your current household emissions?
What are the U.S. average household emissions?
What was your reduced emissions?

Household Emissions Savings
(Answers can be found above bar graphs

If you took all actions you would reduce annual emissions by: 1,746
If you took all actions your potential dollar savings would be: 301
Your new total annual estimated CO2 emissions:

1. Based on your findings from the ecological footprint calculator, how many Earth’s would be needed to support the global population if everyone lived your same lifestyle? Additionally, describe the impacts on the Earth’s climate, biodiversity, and economic security if every individual in the world lived your same lifestyle and discuss why these impacts would occur. According to the footprint calculator we would need 4.2 Planet Earths to provide enough resources if everyone lived the same lifestyle as me.  Ultimately, since we only have one Earth it is only a matter of time before all of the Earth’s resources would be used up, which would affect our animal and plant life.  Based off of my chart my highest emission comes from services and then...

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