Assignment 1 Becoming an effective Leader

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Understand own ability to fulfil key responsibilities of the leadership role Leadership is the ability to pinpoint values or objectives which can be reached through encouragement and a cohesive effort through the gradual assistance to the members of the team. The objective can be reached through persistence and insistence in such a way that members are not irritated or discouraged. In a particular company the commercial Department has four branches the Sales team, Business Sales, Customer Experience and Marketing Teams. We will evaluate leadership roles incorporating different Leadership Styles and how they impact the Customer Experience Team and the Sales Team.

The Customer Experience team evaluates the importance of understanding the client, empathising and providing solutions for their queries in a convenient time frame. The clients’ degree of satisfaction dictates the choice of decisions. The democratic approach shows and indicates that once the team members feel important because they are involved they do willingly provide a better service and once they come across some problem or some difficulty they are more prone to discuss it with their supervisor and in so doing they achieve client satisfaction in a quicker manner (Kurt Lewin, 1939). However when there is the autocratic approach which means the Leader has technically his own way, the other team members feel uneasy to approach him and because of this attitude the clients may suffer with the result that they will not be satisfied and they may therefore choose another company to the detriment of the said company(Kurt Lewin, 1939). When the Laissez-faire approach is used the client may be served in an extended time and not necessarily up to his expectations (Kurt Lewin, 1939). The bottom line in any company is the clients; the clients who come and go out of their own free will; however they can be encouraged or discouraged by comments or negative criticism of their friends and passers-by. One client can be the best advertisement for the whole company; however another client may destroy the company’s name, so it is imperative that each and every single client who comes to the outlet is given full prompt attention and excellent service. There is no point in serving well a large number of clients and deal carelessly with one or two. This attitude of finesse can be supervised by the managers who can judiciously direct the employees to persist in clientele diligence, having the full number of clients being served to the best standard will ensure satisfaction, prosperity and Job happiness.

The sales team knows that the company values should always be transparent namely Honesty, service, accountability and reliability. It stands to reason that the Autocratic Leader would involve himself or herself in checking each and every single move of any team member, however this could be suffocating even if they have no experience so there would be a time when the Democratic approach should be used carefully and there could come a time also when the Laissez-fair attitude could come into force, this can happen when the agents themselves grow accustomed to the service, know their clientele and are prompt to provide for the needs of those who come to be assisted (Kurt Lewin, 1939). When the Leader is astute enough to know the attitudes and the abilities of his team members he can know at what time the particular approach should be used. In this manner the optimum result will be achieved and the agents will be happy, therefore there will be more service; more input of the team, more clientele satisfaction and the company values would come into force regularly. It is obvious that clients suffer from different and swinging moods. It stands to reason that they will misread the attitude of the employees so it would be imperative that a cordial welcome is given, a listening ear is provided and explaining speech can make the client fully satisfied. This professional approach will...

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