Assignment 1 Attachment Style

Topics: Mary Ainsworth, Attachment theory, John Bowlby Pages: 2 (923 words) Published: April 15, 2015
1. How would you explain the various attachment styles identified based on the work of Bowlby and Ainsworth? It's sufficiently simple to know when you are connected to somebody in light of the fact that you know how you feel when you are separated from that individual, and, being a grown-up, you can articulate your sentiments and portray how it feels. In any case, most connection examination is completed utilizing newborn children and youthful youngsters, so therapists need to devise inconspicuous methods for exploring connection styles, normally including the observational strategy. Clinician Mary Ainsworth conceived an evaluation strategy called the Strange Situation Classification (SSC) with a specific end goal to examine how connections may change among youngsters. The Strange Situation was contrived by Ainsworth & Wittig (1969) and was in view of Ainsworth's past Uganda (1967) and later Baltimore studies (Ainsworth et al., 1971, 1978). In the attachment style results Ainsworth (1970) distinguished three principle connection styles, secure (sort B), unreliable avoidant (sort An) and unstable undecided/resistent (sort C). She reasoned that these connection styles were the aftereffect of ahead of schedule communications with the mother. A forward connection style known as disrupted was later distinguished (Main, & Solomon, 1990).

2. Why is it important to understand attachment styles?
Understanding connection is a fundamental step towards understanding the typical phases of child improvement. Connection alludes to the profound enthusiastic bond created between a kid and his/her essential overseer, for example, a mother, father, or grandparent. It is instinctual we are all conceived with the intuition to join to a defensive and cherishing individual who will deal with us guide, and bolster us. Connection is an imperative methodology, as kids' physical, passionate, and mental advancement relies on upon connections framed to folks or grown-up parental...
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