Assignment 1: Analysing Market Opportunities Pens

Topics: Marketing, Environment, Natural environment Pages: 3 (828 words) Published: March 28, 2011
Assignment 1: Analysing Marketing Opportunities

Due date: Wednesday 30th March, 2011 5pm
Length: 2000 words (please provide a word count on your cover sheet) Format:Structured-formal format (refer below)
Context:The assignment product context for both of your assignments is
PENS. You product can be anything that is specifically designed used for hand writing. For example, this could be a simple ballpoint pen or a novelty pen. The choice is yours. Before making your choice, make sure it can be analysed in all the sections required of the assignment.

The purpose of the first assignment is to determine your ability to undertake a situation analysis. You are required to analyse the macro-environment for trends that will impact upon the development this accessory and that will impact on your target market and marketing-mix – planned marketing strategies.

In the interests of consistency and fairness students MUST address the topic and product context of a pens (e.g. you cannot use your employer for your industry). Students providing a marketing essay for the first assignment and a marketing plan for the second assignment on any other topic will receive an automatic fail.

You need to create a ‘hypothetical’ organisation that will manufacture this product. Be specific because this will make it easier to identify relevant trends, and later in Assignment 2, to devise relevant strategies. Approach the assignment from a marketing theoretical perspective. The main sources of information you should use are marketing texts to help stimulate your own strategies. Make sure that the focus of your answer is on academic theory and not the product itself. The product should simply be used as supporting discussion to illustrate and apply your understanding of the market planning process.

The focus is an analysis of the trends and changes in the six macro-environments outside the organisation, see Ch 5 p132 textbook The Global Marketing...
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