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Business Strategy

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Student Name: Eddeham Bin Abdul Rahman Student Number: 13212316

Program / Intake: Bachelor of Science/45th Intake

Module: Business Strategy  Assignment 1 /  Assignment 2

Lecturer: Mr John F. Hulpke Received by: ________________________________

Article: “SIA’s new offering among the ‘poshest’” – Straits Times, Friday, February 6th 2015

In the article, the writer writes about the new premium economy class from Singapore Airlines which is set to be one of the ‘poshest’ in the industry. Singapore Airlines will launch the premium economy class in August with enhancements like wider seats that recline further, extra legroom and better food - all for around 20 per cent more than a regular economy class ticket, excluding promotional fares. He also added that 30 airlines – including Qantas, Air France, British Airways and...
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