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Topics: Marketing, Travel, Carbon dioxide Pages: 1 (305 words) Published: December 11, 2014

Q1. Identify the market segmentation variables in evidence in Intrepid's tour offerings.

The first stage of the target marketing process is market segmentation market segments means subgroups within the total market that are relatively similar in regards to certain characteristics.

And segmentation variables are characteristics that clients have in common and that might be closely related to their purchasing behavior.

Base on Intrepid Travel's philosophy has always been to focus on offering tours and travel experiences that are 'off the beaten track'. It is not surprising that has always naturally attracted adventurous youth travellers. And the evidence in below:

Firstly, their tours will often go to places that more traditional mainstream operators don't visit. Secondly, their preferred accommodation is also likely to include guesthouses and home stays in villages. In the other hands, it benefit local communities and also to offer travelers the chance for more 'real' cultural experiences in their chosen destinations.

Q2. How can Intrepid position itself to overcome the general perception that it is primarily 'youth oriented'?

Inprepid have a general perception that only focus on youth travelers market. In fact, they have many clients in their forties, fifties and sixties, thus, they need more new element to the product.

For example, they may introduce a range of more 'comfortable' tour packages, which they describe as 'adventure travel with a soft landing' to attract other groups of travellers.

Also, they may offer tour packages specifically tailored to target markets such as families or gay/lesbian travellers. Carbon-offset trips have also been introduced, with an emphasis on minimizing all transport, accommodation and waste emissions. Any assessed emissions on such trips are offset via Intrepid's purchase of carbon credits.

For example, if a carbon-offset trip is assessed as emitting 1.3KG of carbon dioxide per passenger, Intrepid...
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