Topics: Violence, Logic, Aggression Pages: 1 (280 words) Published: April 19, 2015
Seminar for Special Topics
Spring 2015

Assignment 2
Studies have tackled the viewing of media violence promotes aggressive behavior, insensibilities, and pessimism in young adults as well as children. It has been affirmed that parents undermines the impact of television on their children, and its violent effect on their behavior towards each other on the one hand, and towards their parents on the other hand. This attitude has taken the society at the risk of increasing the aggression levels as well as accepting the perspective of violence in our lives.

Following the text presented in the article given, and after reading the article apply the following concepts: 1. Locate the claims, reasoning, and evidence in the research paper 2. Apply Toulmin’s Model to the claim (all the model point should be covered and explained in relation to the claim) 3. Apply the standards for the logical, dialectical, and rhetorical perspective to the given arguments. 4. What are the critical conclusions can you reach about the argument presented in the paper? Requirements:

Support all your answers with academic references (evidence). External research will be needed. The Link to the article: DUE DATE
The paper should be written in Font 12 Times New Roman, and double spacing Format. No big headlines, if you wish for some headline emphasis, then apply BOLD. A Font size 14 is not acceptable in any case. The assignment has to be uploaded on TURN IT IN, and upon submitting the HARD COPY, the originality report has to be printed, signed by the student, and submitted with the hard copy.
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