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Introduction to Database Design
IS410/610 Section 0301, Fall 2014
Assignment 1
Due before the class on Thursday, Sept. 18
Model the following case description with (E)ERD and turn in a hardcopy that is typed and printed.
This deliverable should include the following items:
 an (E)ER diagram (8 pts)
 additional constraints/ business rules not shown on the diagram, if any. The constraints/rules should be written in English. (1 pt)
 additional assumptions, if any (1 pt)
iVideo, a local video renting shop, is considering creating a database to keep track of various aspects of the store. Impressed by your IS knowledge and skills, the management has decided to hire you to design a conceptual data model first. iVideo has films of various genres (such as Drama, Horror, Action, Comedy, Foreign, Educational) for rent. Each film is uniquely identified by a Film ID. Each film is also described by a title, a rate, its genre, and possibly one or more directors. For some special kinds of films, more information is recorded. For instance, each foreign film has a spoken language and a subtitle language. Each educational film has a recommended age group, which can take the values of “infant”, “child”, “teenager”, “adult”, and “senior”. iVideo carries zero or more DVD copies of each film. Each copy has an index number that is unique among all the copies of the same film. But copies of different films may have the same index number.

iVideo allocates a unique customer ID for each customer. Other information about a customer includes name (first name, middle initial, and last name), address (street, city, state), phone number, birth year (to compute age), and total rental amount. Every time a customer wants to rent some copies of films, iVideo database should records the checkout date, due date, and amount paid. A customer with an age under 18 cannot rent a film rated “18 or above”.

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