Assigment 1 Swift Modest Proposal

Topics: Culture, A Modest Proposal, Jonathan Swift Pages: 5 (864 words) Published: April 25, 2015

Assigment 1: Swift Modest Proposal
Luciana Quispe
Professor Michael Briere
HUM 112

The article by Jonathan Swift begins by making a description of the poor ladies with children and nowhere to stay in the streets of Ireland. The description clearly shows how the families have problems in terms of finding for themselves. With large families of up to six children, the poor ladies have no option of feeding their families. Finally, the audience thinks that the author would provide an interventional strategy that would help out the street families. The surprise ending in this article begins at the instant when the author mentions the idea of selling out children’s parts for money. It is quite shocking that the author believes that street families should turn their children into sources of income by selling them out to butcheries. The writer at the end proposes on how infant are butchered and sold as meat meal for the rich in there social society in which their parents were supposed to provide for them. Author mandates to the public for who can propose a fair, cheap and easy way to make children beggar’s useful members of the society to do so, and receive honour from the public. Finally, the author acknowledges on how they must be get rid of this unfortunate situation up to the extend mother do kill the children known as ‘bustards’ who have mouths only to feed hence reducing them. The author was informed that a young healthy infant at about the age of one year could provide a nourishing and wholesome meal regardless of the manner of cooking. The eating of infants would reduce high number of paupers in population. In addition, Education as a social factor contributes to historical change by increasing the population’s awareness in deciding against an issue at hand or in deciding in favor of that issue. This happened in elections and referenda. An informed elector could vote either to retain a good leader or vote against a bad leader. Societies that have liberal cultures will change more because of their easy reception to change faster than societies that have conservative traditions. Artistic contributions inspiring revolution result to historical change such as songs and other art forms inspiring revolution could lead to uprisings against the status quo leading to significant change in a society’s governance structure. Furthermore, Religion largely contributes to a conservative culture and social relations in a society. Artistic expressions in a conservative society are also limited with clear boundaries on what artists can express and how they can express them. Legislations made through politics define the cultural and artistic environment of a society. Socio-economic forces determine the advancements made by a society artistically. Societies that are better placed economically have a better artistic environment that allows and funds artists to express themselves more freely than artists in societies lagging behind economically. The two world wars are two major historical events to have taken place after the renaissance influencing all cultures as these wars were fought worldwide. A major historical event after the renaissance in African culture was the colonization of Africa by European and American powers. Lastly, the author successfully convinces the audience to believe in his surprising end by mentioning the fact that the street and other poor families have no alternative to finding for themselves. Instead, they should take advantage of their God-given abilities to conceive and give birth to children. The new-borns can then be sold to other people for various uses such as acting as a source of delicacy. Thus, the author uses the perspective of using the children as a source of income, as opposed to being a burden to their poor parents. In addition, instead of the author providing an ethical mechanism that would help reduce cases of street and poor families in...

References: Swift, Jonathan. “A Modest Proposal, by Jonathan Swift" 27 July 2008. Published by Project Gutenberg, Retrieved November 03, 2014.
Swift, Jonathan. “A Modest Proposal for preventing the children of poor people in Ireland, from being a burden on their parents or country, and for making them beneficial to the publick (1729)” Published by Victorian Web. Retrieved November 02, 20114
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