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Cohort; Feb 2014

Module Code and Title; 102NHS: Introduction to Assessment of Health and Wellbeing.

Title of Essay; Describe the purpose of assessment in your field of practice.

Word Count 1,518 words

Describe the purpose of assessment in your field of practice.

The importance of assessments are critical to the nurses role, this essay is going to explain the different types of assessments including the initial assessment then exploring the importance of the pain assessment and finishing with the physical assessment and the role it plays on the adult nursing field of practice. This essay will also give explanations on why and how assessments are conducted.

Nursing assessment is a process of collecting data or information about a patient primary from the patient themselves or the information could be obtained from other sources such as family, friends, medical notes or the patients GP (General Practioner). Establishing information by different sources and tools, aids correct decision making and evaluates the effectiveness of appropriate intervention and planning of treatment. (RCN 2004) However assessments are not just establishing the person`s medical conditions, but to address the holistic view of the individual this is considering the affect the persons condition affects their life including their physical, spiritual, cultural, mental and emotional status. In addition Dr Michelle Wright states "Our well-being relies not just on what is going on in our body physically in terms of illness or disease, but also on the close inter-relation of this with our psychological, emotional, social, spiritual and environmental state". The assessment could be from first contact with a person or an ongoing treatment plan, whereas the individual could need further investigations due to a chronic ailment or illness. The importance of assessments and why they are done is key to establishing that the individual/patient, firstly is not suffering from a medical emergency condition (life threatening), secondly to building a rappor with the person whereas communication and trust would be formed because of this a relationship between nurse and patient is paramount, (C, Cox 2004) furthermore a patients first impression of the nurse is very important therefore the nurse would be able to breakdown any barriers which could be described as a defensive mechanism, including establishing the individual`s circumstances, needs and problems which may include their ability to manage their health and well-being by concentrating on the individuals strengths and weaknesses and how the patient is able to maintain their physical and mental disorders (if they have any). However it is important to note assessments are invaluable to the nurse it is undoubtedly so an understanding of the individuals whole picture and the individuals journey, therefore not just making a clinical decision on their medical condition (C Tanner :205). An example of an assessment is the initial or contact assessment this is completed when an individual enters the emergency department at a hospital, this procedure involves the nurse to undertake a primary visual assessment to establish if the person is suffering from a life threatening condition, an assessment tool such as the A (Airway), B (Breathing), C (Circulation), D (Disability), E (Exposure) and if so the correct interventions are used to stable and treat the individual accordingly. Once clarification has been established and the individual is not suffering from an acute life threatening condition then the process of exploring the reason on admission continues. To establish a full identity a set of questions are asked to the patient including basic information including name, date of birth and next of kin. The...
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