assessment tool analysis

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Assessment Tool Analysis
Week 3
January 1, 2014

Assessment is a vital aspect of nursing care. Assessment is the first phase of the nursing process. A thorough assessment involves gathering information and data about and related to the patient. The data that is collected includes physiological, psychological, environmental, sociocultural, economical, spiritual, and developmental history of the patient. Data may be objective or subjective. Objective data refers to the measurable and observable signs, such as the patient’s heart rate, blood pressure, oxygen saturation, temperature, facial expression, gait, color, etc. Subjective data is obtained from the patient himself and it is the patient’s account of their feelings, needs, and strengths. Data can be obtained by physical examination and by interviewing the patient, family, friends, and other health care providers (HCPs). Assessment tools help to identify areas of actual or potential problems that need further exploration. They enable HCPs to help pinpoint health issues and further assistance in the promotion of, improvement of, and maintenance of the health of the individual. “Living with a diagnosis of HIV/AIDS pervades and infuses one’s life in much the same way that race and gender do. For mothers, a diagnosis of HIV is a life-altering experience that deeply influences maternal identity, maternal role, and maternal thinking “ (de Chasney, 115). When working with HIV infected mothers, three assessment tools that can be used are the Perceived Stress Scale, Social Support Questionnaire, and the Beck Depression Inventory. When demand is placed upon an individual that is perceived to be greater than the individual has the reserve to cope with, there is an imbalance in their ability to cope which gives rise to a negative emotional response, such as labeling oneself as being stressed. “The PSS is a 14-item scale designed to measure the degree to which individuals appraise...

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