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Topics: Tobacco, Cigarette, World Health Organization Pages: 3 (806 words) Published: August 22, 2013
Tobacco Giant's Unethical Research

Throughout history many industries manage to be successful enterprises, recreational substances like alcohol and tobacco have been under scrutiny in modern times. The detrimental impact on the health of our society has become a matter of concern of our government. Tobacco is responsible for more than six million each year. World Health Organization (2012) The origin of tobacco is ancient it is believed to have begun growing in the America’s in 6000 BCE. Borio (2011) Man has found inspiration with this long time leisure. The industrialization and modernizations of farming and advances in technology has increase the proliferation of one of the most profitable industries, the cigarette industry. According to the World Health Organization World Health Organization (2012) tobacco related deaths have are could increase to more than eight million by 2030. During the late 1960’s and throughout the 1970’s Philip Morris was one of the giant Tabaco manufactures. They were called to testify in front of Congress as a result of the discovery of internal research documents. During the testimony the Tabaco giant decline the accusations of unethical research involving children & young adults. The charges were address in front of congress, leading the investigation was the House of Representative Henry Wax D-California. Multiple charges including performing nicotine injections, studying hyperactive third graders as potential smokers to promote the benefits of smoking as a calming agent as opposed to drugs and electric shocks on college students to increase amount smoked were some of the charges against the Tabaco manufacturer. Philip Morris executives denied the charges, Chief executive William Campbell testified in 1994 saying he has never seen such research. However, in 1969 the company records indicated that smoking was addictive stating: smokers need the "pharmacological effect" of tobacco. Company scientists wrote that the craving...

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