Assessment Task 2 Manage Quality Customer Service

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Assessment Task 2 – Manage Quality Customer Service
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Type the answers in the spaces and templates provided. You will need to plan for well-detailed and expansive responses. Please ensure that you save your document regularly and save a final copy before submitting. Upload your document in the upload section at the end of week 2. Please upload this document as a word document and not PDF for marking and feedback purposes. Students name

Monique Clason
Student Number
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Each assessment allows for three attempts, if a fourth is required, a discussion with the teacher will be organised Submission details
The Assessment Task is due on the date specified by your assessor and will be inserted into your Moodle calendar. Your teacher must approve any variations to this arrangement in writing. Student Declaration (you must read and acknowledge this declaration by selecting a response below) DECLARATION: The answers that I have submitted are my own work, completed in person by me. I understand the definition of the terms ‘collusion’ and ‘plagiarism’ and that penalties apply for either as stated in the Grenadi School of Business Policy available on my Moodle platform. I have read and acknowledged the declaration above:


Performance objective
Students will demonstrate the ability to ensure delivery of quality service through handling customer complaints, monitoring team performance; intervening to develop team abilities to overcome difficulties in providing quality customer service. Assessment description

Using the student workbook and the information provided below on the IBSA virtual business link: “Australian Hardware”, you will be required to complete the tasks that follow in this Assessment. Follow this link-

Develop a Customer Service Plan and Ensure the Delivery of Quality Customer Service Review and Improve Customer Service
The C.O.O (Chief Operations Officer) has been impressed with your Team Management Skills and the success within your team over the past year. He has asked you to develop and prepare a revised Customer Service Plan for the entire business, to ensure continuous improvement into the future for each department in every store. Your plan will be based on the existing Mission and Vision Statements and will need to include: A product and service standards policy

A policy and procedures for identifying customer needs
A policy and procedures for gathering customer feedback
A policy and procedures for handling customer complaints
A policy and procedures for managing record keeping
A customer service charter
A report summarising the market sector, service and product standards and strategies for continuous improvement into the future You will complete these tasks systematically; gathering information from the existing “Australian Hardware” Business Plan and using some of the information that you have collected in your assessments tasks 2 and 3 and concluding with a report in assessment 3.

For the purpose of this assessment, you will also need to base some assessment responses on experience that you have had in a work, team or a group environment. You can use a current work environment

You can use a work environment that you have experienced in the past You can also use a team environment where you may volunteer your time such as a church, community or sporting group

Read and answer questions 1-17 below using the following resources: Student Workbook
IBSA virtual business link: “Australian Hardware”

In your own words,
Describe what the term, “Customer Service" means.
Why it is an important factor in the success of an organisation? See page 5 in your student workbook
Answer should be more than 70 words
Customer service is the service provided to customers before, during and...
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