Assessment Task 1

Topics: Informal organization, Organization, Formal organization Pages: 4 (835 words) Published: April 26, 2015
Assessment Task 1
Outcome Covered 1

1) Analyze the relationship between organizational goals, objectives and policies and explain their contribution to effective management in the case study.

The overall objective, the mission and the purpose of an organization is communicated through goals. It is a long term target of a business. Goals and objectives are interrelated. in order to attain broad goals, organizations set specific objectives. According to bellas coffee goals and objectives of the organization can be identified as follows, Consumer Goals - produce coffee to meet customer demands.

Product Goals – focused mainly on green coffee beans, offering beans which were ready for brewing Operational Goals – Reduce wastage and control costs.
Secondary Goals – use local products such as whisky and locally grown fruits, recruitment of staff based on local colleges. Objectives should be more specific and should be Specific, Measurable, Agreed upon, Realistic and present Bella’s main objective is survival of the business. Policies are the rules and regulations that control the business. Control on waste and labor division can be achieved through policies.

2) Identify the main differences between the formal organization and informal organization.

A formal organization consists with goals, policies and procedures with an intension to achieve a common objective. This structure creates formal relationships between the management and staff in delegating authority and responsibility. At Bella’s a good relationship exists with its staff and suppliers with a clear understanding of their duties and responsibilities. An informal organization structure is unplanned and no authority or responsibilities are delegated. This type of system prevails among employees of the organization. Contributing voluntarily employees create informal groups within the formal organizational structure and it relieves the work load of employees and motivates them. At...
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