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Topics: Tourism, Tahiti, Package holiday Pages: 2 (412 words) Published: April 24, 2011
The purpose of this report is to assess the suitability of the island of Bora Bora for package holidays, including the transport offered by British Airlines.

The main island of Bora Bora rises sharply from the turquoise lagoon with its recognizable flat top peak and craggy points covered in tropical forest, right in the south of the Pacific Ocean. Therefore, it is only accessible by planes or cruise ships, but its spectacular views pay off in the end. However, traveling from the airport to the hotel, restaurants or to one of the beaches is possible by taxis and even small boats. The buses run between the centre of the island and the tourist attractions every 20 minutes during the week and 10 in the weekend.

Tahiti Holidays offers a wide range of facilities. The lagoon forms the centre of activities for holidaymakers, being the stage for numerous adventures from shark-feeding excursions and swimming with giant turtles, to scuba diving, jet-skiing, glass-bottom boat cruises, kite-sailing, picnicking and so on. Bora Bora also offers plenty of cultural and historical attractions, like taking a day trip to a Marae (ancient temple), exploring the World War II canon and relics, browsing the art and craft galleries, watching a Tahitian dance ceremony and perhaps even braving a tattoo (the skin art apparently originated here). On the other hand, access to internet and mobile services is quite rare, an internet café being located in the south of the island.

Although not a comprehensive list of resorts, hotels and pensions all of them are perfectly suitable for a package holiday due to their excellent amenities, great location or unique attributes. In the summer they are all open for tourists, since November and until the coldness becomes unbearable. The costs vary depending on the category the hotel is included in. The exclusivist part of the island, populated by 5 star bungalows can reach up to...
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