Assessment plays an important role in the education of children who are English

Topics: Assessment, Evaluation, Childhood Pages: 3 (835 words) Published: July 15, 2015
 Assessment plays an important role in the education of children who are English-language learners and bilingual. All the decisions we make about children when teaching and caring for them are important in assessment. Whereas, some of the decisions we make may be small and other may not be as small.  All of our assessment decisions we make will direct and help alter children’s learning outcomes. All of these assessments have a purpose in hand. My checklist observation purpose is to monitor the student’s attitude toward reading. With the anecdotal record purpose I will emphasize what a child can do and his or her achievement. Finally, I will write out some of the reading and language skills. Observations are an important part of the evaluation process. In watching these video, the observations will influence the way I plan and teach. I learn that while observing it will help me to observe, learn, and reflect upon my students. Classroom observation can expose teachers to a new way of teaching that may not have occurred to them before. As a professional, I want to gain understanding about who the children are and what they can do. When we discovering what children can do or know about their world then we have useful information for understanding and planning their learning needs. Observation reveals information we may not have known before. Assessment is an integral part of learning and teaching. It helps to provide a picture of a child’s or young person's progress and achievements and to identify next steps in learningWe assess the progress of all our children and are aware that each child’s strengths and development needs are different. It is important that in our assessment procedures, not all the children are assessed on every aspect of learning at the same time. Portfolios. In addition, good assessment plans include keeping some kind of portfolio of children’s work which documents the quality of each child’s performance. For example,...
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