Assessment of Training Program of Tata Steel

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“A journey of one thousand miles begins with a single step”, so goes an old adage. This is exactly how I am feeling when I have to finish my project.

There are many people who have helped and supported me in completing my project. It will be injustice if I do not remember them at this juncture, and highlight their contribution towards my project.

First of all, I express my deep gratitude to Mr. Ajit Pandey, Sr. Manager, TMDC, for giving me analytical approach and insidious ideas that help me greatly in crystallizing my thoughts to give a final shape to this project report.

I am thankful to Mr. Debashish Bhattacharjee for sharing with me his vision for the MDP. I am thankful to all participants and their subordinates for their valuable time and sharing with me their views.

TMDC has been the epicenter of my work. I am thankful to Mr. Gautam Ghosh for assigning this project to me. I am thankful to Ms. Sujata Ganguly, Ms. Arti Mohanty and Ms. Seema Jaiswal for helping me with data. I express my sincere thanks to Mr. Sanjay Sharma for helping me culminating my report to its final conclusion.

And last word of thanks goes to my parents and brother. Their love and support has constantly nurtured my spirit in doing this project.

Mr. Anshu Aman


Chief FTC had requested TMDC to conduct an exclusive MDP for his IL3 officers. He discussed in detail his vision for the growth of his IL3 officers and his expectation from this MDP.

To capture the precise need of the participants, TMDC conducted the workshop with all the IL3 officers who were supposed to attain this MDP along with the Chief FTC. This workshop was conducted in TMDC by a team of 3 trainers. To further refine the understanding of the need, TMDC conducted a second round of workshop with selected IL3 officers of F&A division at their location.

Once the need was captured, TMDC incapsulated the findings and communicated the same to the chief FTC. On the basis of the findings, TMDC designed the training program in two module and got the same approval by the chief FTC.

Chief FTC being mentor of the program gave the dates to TMDC for conducting the program alsi the list of the participants attending the same for these dates.

Finally, TMDC conducted this training program on this date (sample of the program schedule enclosed in the annexure). As a regular practice, after the end of both the module participants filled up the feedback form give TMDC, which was processed at TMDC and the feedback summary was send to chief FTC for his perusal.

A few months later Chief FTC wanted TMDC to conduct a third module for the existing participants and the first two module to cover a wider section of division to ensure that these program have the highest impact. TMDC was interested in finding out the extent to which the two module already conducted have been effective. To assess the effectiveness of the module, TMDC took the help of two summer trainee who are pursuing MBA at different institute.


Among total participants there were total 14 IL3 officers who are Jamshedpur based. So study of our project is limited to the boundary of 14 Jamshedpur based IL3 officers. We have also consulted their sub-ordinates for capturing their views on the improvements they have observed in their superiors.


Our project is limited to the small sample size of 14 Jamshedpur based IL3 officers. So, our team has decided to go for Personal Interview. First of all, we found the list of Jamshedpur based participants and their contact details from the Intranet of TATA STEEL. And list of their sub-ordinates and contact details from Finance & Account Division. We took appointment...
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