Assessment of Thatcher's Years

Topics: Margaret Thatcher, Falklands War, United Kingdom Pages: 2 (699 words) Published: May 11, 2011
Margaret Thatcher is United Kingdom’s longest serving prime minister of recent times and first female head of government. She was in charge of Conservative Party and British government for over 11 years from 1979 up until 1990. The “Iron Lady”, that’s how Russians called her, is well known and respected nowadays for transforming Britain with the help of her strong leadership skills, her crack down on the trade unions, victory in Falklands War and, of course, her famous combative attitude to the European Union. Not every prime minister of the UK leaves a certain ideology named after him. Margaret Thatcher was completely unique in her views and actions, so her ideology gained an absolute new name for it. It was neither one national conservatism nor traditional. It was brand new ideology and movement in politics called Thatcherism. And when somebody mentions this term, people understand what exactly it is. Thatcher was strict in her actions and didn’t like to make any changes, she was fond of doing everything as she planned from the very beginning. Maybe this fact was the main point, why Margaret Thatcher was so successful as Prime Minister. But was she actually successful in her ruling? Many people used to criticize decisions made by Thatcher’s government, and there are reasons why they did so. As any leader Margaret Thatcher had some strengths and weaknesses in her policies. She began this economic policy by raising interest rates, and increased the value added tax to 15%, this hit businesses hard and unemployment doubled what it had previously been. This shifted the tax burden from the earners to consumers. This meant a lot more people were going to be angry with her. This was not a good start for Thatcher since it decreased her support among the citizens, who were now suffering from high taxes and unemployment. This resulted in social chaos and series of riots. Thatcher was at an all time low in popularity terms until the miracle of the Falklands war. She...
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