Assessment of Online Grading System

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People enroll theirselves in school to learn something, develop and improve their skills. It also makes them to communicate to different kinds of person. There are lot of programs offered by the school. It makes them as an asset for the school. Some students consider the facilities of school before enrolling theirselves to one particular educational institution. In recent years, innovation is growing rapidly. The number of school system adopting online grade posting and attendance report is growing. ( grade-posting pros and cons) It is an advantage for a school to have an online grade posting against its competitors. Aside from being an advantage, it is also a marketing strategy for the school. It is one of the reasons why schools tend to do online grade posting rather than the tradition one. As mentioned by McFarlane, 1997; Migliorino and Maiden 2004, A teaching and learning radically changed with advances in technology. Research shows that the computer can be an effective tool in both teaching and learning. As part of innovation,computer and internet became part of our need in learning. It helps us to know anything and connect us to everybody. It helps us also to learn something in a quick and easiest way by providing relevant and informative information online. Online grade posting can eliminate the need for progress reports, saving paper and postage if mailed( Aside from the benefit mentioned above it also reduced cost in producing or making a progress report, thus making a paperless grading system. An online grade book is a quick and efficient way for teachers and parents to interact with each other for a positive education experience. ( Through online grading system, teachers can post the grades of his student anywhere or without going out to school thru the website of the school in internet. Students can also view their grades anywhere and anytime in just one click....
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