Assessment of Female Sex Work in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Topics: Prostitution, HIV, AIDS Pages: 54 (17588 words) Published: October 11, 2010
Women’s Health in Ho Chi Minh City Project (1/11/2004 – 30/9/2006) Implemented by Ho Chi Minh City AIDS Committee
with technical and financial support from Family Health International (FHI)

Assessment of Female Sex Work
in Ho Chi Minh City

Submitted to Family Health International, Hanoi

Nguyen Nguyen Nhu Trang
Hang Thi Xuan Lan

April 2005


This assessment was conducted with invaluable support from the collaborators of Quality of Life Promotion (Life) Centre and FHI/HCMCAIDS Project staff and under the thorough guidance of Dr Luu Thanh Tue from FHI. Dr Truong Trong Hoang from the HCMC Health Information, Education and Communication (HIEC) Center provided insightful advice from a sociologist’s perspective. The assessment also received valuable input from Dr Dang Thi Nhat Vinh from the HCMC AIDS Committee and Ms Nguyen Ngoc Hanh, Vice Chairwoman of the HCMC Women’s Union. Interviews of the target group and key informants were arranged by Ms Le Dinh Hoang Phuc, the Project liaison officer and Ms Nguyen Thi Ngoc Hanh, Women’s Union staff and Director of Anh Duong Centre as well as the peer educators. Special thanks to the women who gave their time and stories in our discussions.

Table of Contents

Executive Summary4
Chapter 1: An Up-to-date Overview of Female Sex Work in Ho Chi Minh City7 Chapter 2: Research Overview10
2.1Research Objectives10
2.2Research locations10
2.3Research Duration10
2.4 Research Methods10
2.4.1 Research Sample10
2.4.2 Sampling method11
2.4.3Data collection instruments11
2.4.4 Data analysis method12
2.4.5 Ethical considerations12
2.5 Research Team12
2.6 Limitations of the Research12
Chapter 3: Findings13
3.1 Social, cultural and economic characteristics13
3.1.1 Social characteristics13
3.1.2 Educational and cultural characteristics13
3.1.3 Economic characteristics14
3.2 Situation and scope of work of FSWs15
3.2.1 Categories of FSWs15
3.2.2 Areas and modes of operation15
3.2.3 Estimations of FSWs17
3.2.3 Mode of operation17
3.2.5 Location for transactional sex18
3.2.6 Income and time for sex activities19
3.2.7 Sex trade activities and intermediary system20
3.2.8 Clients21
3.2.9 Impact of eradication campaigns on sex trade activities22 3.3 Safe sex practices of FSWs and affecting factors23
3.3.1. Condom use23
3.3.2 Use of substances25
3.3.3 Health care and access to health services26
3.4 HIV/AIDS information and FSWs27
3.4.1 Knowledge and perceptions of FSWs of HIV related issues27 3.4.2 Information channel and access of FSWs to information28 3.4.3 Life values, figures and events that positively affect FSWs28 3.5 Existing HIV/AIDS prevention intervention programs for FSWs in HCMC29 3.5.1 Major HIV/AIDS prevention intervention programs for FSWs29 3.5.2 Advantages and disadvantages of the HIV/AIDS prevention program for FSWs31 3.6 Experiences and needs of all respondents in the development and implementation of HIV/AIDS interventions for FSWs33 Chapter 4: Discussion36

4.1 How different is female sex work from before?36
4.2 How vulnerable are FSWs to HIV?37
4.3 What are the internal factors that contribute to the increased risk of contract HIV among FSWs?37 4.4 What are the external factors that affect the practice of safe sex among FSWs?38 Chapter 5: Conclusion and Recommendations40

Executive Summary

The “Women’s Health in Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC)” Project (1/11/2004 – 30/92006) is being implemented by the HCMC AIDS Committee with technical and financial support from Family Health International (FHI). The project aims to minimize the vulnerability of women with high risk behaviors to HIV/AIDS in HCMC. In the past few years, various research studies have been conducted on female sex workers (FSWs) in Vietnam in general, particularly in HCMC. However, in order to have the most-up-to-date information on female sex work, the project team commissioned Ms Nguyen Nguyen...

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