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Assessment of the Family: A Nursing Priority

Grand Canyon University
Family Centered Health Promotion
Terese Verklan
December 7, 2014

Assessment of the Family: A Nursing Priority
Family Health is very important in the nursing assessment. The patient outcome and recovery depends on the family support of the patient. One way to assess a family is by using Gordon’s Health Patterns. Gordon’s functional health patterns provide a holistic model for assessment of family because assessment data are classified under eleven headings: Health Perception and Health Management, Nutritional-Metabolic, Elimination, Activity and Exercise, Sleep and Rest, Cognition and Perception, Self-Perception and Self- Concept, Roles and Relationships, Sexually and Reproduction, Coping and Stress Tolerance, Values and Beliefs. This paper will focus on the functions of family who was interviewed using Gordon’s Health Patterns and will identify the risks and improve health of the family. Two nursing diagnosis will be utilized for the positive outcome of the family. The Family

This is a middle class Hispanic family who live in a small community in the state of Arizona. The family consists of a Mother, Father and three young girls ages ; an 18 year old daughter, 15 year old high school sophomore and 12 year old 6th grader. The family will be assessed by Gordon’s Health Patterns in each category. Health Perception and Health Management

The mother describes her health and her family as well. The mother takes several steps to ensure the family is in good health. She schedules their preventive appointments and dentist appointments regularly. The mother believes that having a good health insurance and coverage is the most important for her family. The husband has chronic back problems and is currently visiting a specialist once every six months. The mother quickly takes her daughters to the doctor if she suspects any abnormalities....
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