Assessment in Schools

Topics: Assessment, Validity, Psychometrics Pages: 93 (31638 words) Published: October 19, 2010
Assessment in Schools.

Course Description

Unit Content

Reason and purpose for assessment,
Baseline and benchmarking,
Target setting,
Assessment for learning,
Assessment as learning,
Assessment of learning,
Marking, recording and reporting,
Assessment and improving quality of pupils work.

Unit objectives

The learner will:-
1. State reasons and purpose of assessment
2. Describe baselines and benchmarking
3. Describe skills in target setting
4. a) Apply the principles of target setting to the school situation b) Monitor performance of an individual.
c) Evaluate the role of natural target
5. Describe types of assessment
6. a) Explain assessment for learning
b) Apply principles of assessment for learning
7. a) Explain assessment as learning.
b) Apply principles of assessment as learning.
8. a) Explain principles of assessment of learning.
b) Analyze principles of assessment of learning.
c) Apply principle of assessment of learning.

Course Outline

1. Reasons for Assessment
Diagnosis: helping young people to establish a baseline and understand their progress, strength and develop needs.

Recognition and motivation: recording and rewarding learners' progress and achievement.

Standard setting: confirming levels and thresholds of achievement

Differentiation and selection: enabling employers and higher education providers to understand what young people have achieved, and how individuals compare with their peers.

2. Purpose of Assessment.
Teachers feedback
Assess readiness for future learning
Preparation for life- “life is like this”
Evaluate curriculum effectiveness
Information to others
Statement of curriculum Attainment
Record of progress- over time

3. Baseline and benchmarking
Purpose of baseline scheme
Characteristics of a baseline scheme

Chapter 4.
Target Setting

6. Assessment for learning.
Assessment for learning is about supporting classroom learning and teaching. It connects assessment and learning/teaching.

What is assessment for learning?

Assessment for learning.
is part of effective planning
focuses on how students learn
is recognized as central to classroom practice
is a key professional skill
is sensitive and constructive
fosters motivation
promotes understanding of goals and
helps learners know how to improve
develop the capacity for assessment
recognizes all educational achievements

Key Issue:
1. Involvement, discussion and feedback
Sharing criteria

2. Planning and evidence
Gathering evidence
personal learning plans
Planning for individuals

3. Partnership
Partnership with parents and pupils

7. Assessment as learning
Assessment as learning is about learning how to learn. It connects learning/teaching and curriculum.

What is Assessment as learning? Key issues:
1. Pupils as learners
Self/peer assessment

2. Teachers as learners
Developing assessment policy
Interpreting evidence

3. Management of learning
Management supports

8. Assessment of Learning
Assessment of learning is about gathering and interpreting the evidence. It connects curriculum and assessment.

Gathering and interpreting evidence

Teacher assessment is first and foremost about helping pupils to learn. Fundamental principles
Developing Assessment Instruments
Application of assessment instrument
Assessment as an end-of-key-stage process
Management and monitoring of assessment, recording and reporting Recording and evidence
Reporting to parents and guardians
Assessment as an ongoing process
Marking and providing feedback to pupils
Using assessment information to monitor progress towards meeting targets Internal/External Assessment
Grading Systems

Chapter One(1)

1. Reasons for Assessment
Diagnosis: helping young people to...
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