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Applied Business Ethics
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23 September 2013
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Instructions on Assessment:

“Tomorrow’s business leaders need to be nimble and to incorporate all aspects of good decision making in an increasingly global and complex business environment. Ethical leadership is vital to the future of Our world is rapidly changing – and the changes affect every business, every industry and every country. The future growth and competitiveness of business is at stake. The business world eagerly awaits tomorrow’s strong and ethical leaders.” Harold McGraw III

Chairman, Business Roundtable

During this module you have explored the ethical challenges facing businesses. As you prepare to take your place in the management and leadership of the future you are asked to evidence and reflect upon the development of your ethical awareness and reasoning and to consider the challenges that may face you in your workplace.


Present the development of your ethical awareness and reasoning through an annotated portfolio of evidence supported by a 1500 word essay in which you first will identify an ethical dilemma in a business situation, and then suggest ethical solutions to this dilemma (see specific marking sheet at end).

Portfolio Weighting

Ethical Dilemma Essay(Part A) (1500 words)(50%)
Portfolio of Evidence(Part B) (1500 words)(50%) Part A: Ethical Dilemma Essay (1,500 words)

Students are to identify and discuss a business-related ethical dilemma. Ideally, this choice should be relevant to your intended area of future employment. You must demonstrate both an awareness of the key issues surrounding why it is an ethical dilemma, and then propose solutions to that dilemma. A suggested format for the essay is:

Ethical Dilemma Description (270-330 words)
Justify why it is an ethical dilemma in a business situation (540-660 words) Ethical solutions proposed by student to this dilemma (540-660 words)

Part of the learning experience of this essay is for you as the student picking and developing the dilemma yourself from either a relevant recent news event, personal professional practice experience (particularly for students who have been on placement) or similar.

Students are strongly advised to read the marking criteria very carefully to gain an understanding of exactly what the examiner will be looking for, and marking against.

You should not use an ethical dilemma that we have discussed in detail during a class or has been analysed in a textbook or website; this is your ethical dilemma, which you have developed, and ideally relates to your career aspirations. Part B: Portfolio of Evidence Contents

The portfolio contents should provide evidence of your diligent engagement with the module activities including the directed learning opportunities. Your portfolio should be divided into clear sections, with the appendices clearly marked A, B and C so that your examiner can easily find and mark your evidence. A summary our expectations are provided below:

Appendix AThe Ethical Leadership Debate (in Seminar 4)(20% of marks)

A reflective statement of 600 words which describes and critically evaluates the arguments presented in the debate on Ethical Leadership.

Appendix BThe Seminar Case (in Seminars 1 and 5)(20% of marks)

A Reflective statement of 600 words concerning the seminar ethical dilemma case which was debated in the Seminars One and Five identifying ethical dilemmas and presenting proposals supported by theory *

* Students that are legitimate late entrants to the course (and therefore missed Seminar One) can access the case from references provided by the seminar tutor. They should then formulate, and record, their own first impressions. Late entrants should share their initial ideas with their assigned team members as soon as possible;...
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