Assessment as learning

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Name: Marwa Saleh
Assessment as learning
Through this process students are able to learn about themselves as learners and become aware of how they learn – become megacognitive (knowledge of one’s own thought processes). Students reflect on their work on a regular basis, usually through self and peer assessment and decide (often with the help of the teacher, particularly in the early stages) what their next learning will be. Assessment as learning helps students to take more responsibility for their own learning and monitoring future directions.

Monitoring Metacognition
What is the purpose of learning these concepts and skills?
• What do I know about this topic?
• What strategies do I know that will help me learn this?
• Am I understanding these concepts?
• What are the criteria for improving my work?
• Have I accomplished the goals I set for myself?
(Adapted from Schraw, “Promoting General Metacognitive Awareness) Rethinking Classroom Assessment with Purpose in Mind” Page 42 2-Teachers’ Roles in Assessment as Learning
“The teachers’ role in promoting the development of independent learners through assessment as learning is to: model and teach the skills of self-assessment
guide students in setting their own goals, and monitoring their progress toward them provide exemplars and models of good practice and quality work that reflect curriculum outcomes work with students to develop clear criteria of good practice

guide students in developing internal feedback or self-monitoring mechanisms to validate and question their own thinking, and to become comfortable with ambiguity and uncertainty that is inevitable in learning anything new provide regular and challenging opportunities to practise, so that students can become confident, competent self-assessors monitor students’ megacognitive processes as well as their learning, and provide descriptive feedback Create an environment where it is safe for students to take chances...
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