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CIPD Foundation CERTIFICATE in human resource LEVEL 3
Activities 1

The Human Resource Professional Map (HPRM) Activity 01
The Human Resource Map (HRPM) was developed by the CIPD it was created by generalists and specialists within the CIPD/HR environments to explain how HR add value to any organisation within the UK and around the world. The (HRMP) is a guideline/benchmarked on line tool which can help individuals and organisations identify immediate and future development needs. The purpose of this (HRPM) is to capture the key skills required for the successful and effective Human Resource Function. The HRPM gives direction and shows what needs to be done, what the individual needs to know and do to go forward in the development of a professional/personal career adventure. The (HRPM) has 3 main areas which have been summarised in table 01 with a brief overview 10 Professional areas – includes the 2 core Professional areas (listed in brief overview 1,2) Insights strategy, and solutions

Leading and managing.

The remaining eight
Organisational design, resource and talent planning, Performance and reward, Employee relations, Organisational development, learning and talent development, employee engagement, Service delivery and information.

1. Insight strategy and solutions- This is the heart of the (HRPM) Deep understanding/support of the business/industry is required. Ability to provide good solutions/insights/plans of action, aligning business and HR strategy.

2. Leading and Managing the (HR) Function. Here active leadership is key. Great emphasis on people, culture and change. Providing active insight led leadership owning, shaping and driving themselves and others. Managing budgets/finance/design and development. Resource/talent planning The above two core areas apply to all practitioners no matter where they are placed on the 4 bands. The above two core areas extend across the eight other areas. 8 Behaviours

Curious, Decisive thinker, Skilled influencer, Personally credible, Collaborative, Driven to deliver, Courage to challenge, Role model

Shows how work activities should be carried out.
8 specific behaviours that HR professionals need to develop. These are the relevant/necessary skills required throughout every stage of the HR career path. Linked to the 4 bands and each transition stage.

4 bands and Transitions
Band 01- Support admin/process, is customer orientated.
Band 02- Advise/manage HR issues.
Band 03- lead/consult, address HR/organisational change.
Band 04 – Lead and manage professional areas of the business. Area of competence defines what Practitioners need to do to progress through the bands. Band one for people at the start of the career scale and moves up to band four for a more senior Practitioner band level. Conclusion

The HRPM is a valuable tool to identify immediate and future development needs. It is relevant and applicable to HR practitioners operating anywhere in the world in all sectors/organisations of any shape or size. It sets the highest standards of professional competence for all organisations. Activity: 1.1 Identify a Professional Area from either Band 01 or 02 HR Administrator Role Introduction:

This activity will examine and discuss what an HR Administrator does. It will explain that there is no set rule as to what behaviours to use with any one particular role. It really does depend on many process variables within the organisations for example the size of the organisation, the culture, management style, the responsibilities of the role; this can be different in public/private sector organisations. In some small companies there may not be an HR organisation; and the responsibility of HR matters will be captured by line managers and business owners. HR covers a large variety of roles and activities; the 2 core areas insight strategy and solutions and leading and managing apply to...
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