Assessment 1 Part 1 And 2

Topics: Assessment, Evaluation, Educational psychology Pages: 4 (961 words) Published: April 19, 2015
Assessment is how we show evidence that learning has occurred. Using two of the three main types of assessment, formative and summative, we can recognise using certain marking tools how our students have improved, where they are lacking and what to do to improve in weaker areas, and ultimately to demonstrate learning has taken place through either written, practical or both types of examinations. As an assessor, there will be certain responsibilities that we have to abide by. Before commencing any assessment the end result of the learning outcome has to be laid out so those delivering and the students undertaking the training know what they must achieve and why. Once we have set our targets we can then plan our assessment. We can then carry out the assessment in the way we have planned and as the lesson plan follows, offering constructive feedback if required to assist continuous improvement of both student and trainer. When the assessment is completed we must record the findings so we now have a standard for future assessments to compare results, and again offer constructive feedback using layer cake feedback. These results should be recorded again and stored in a matrix so that all issues can be flagged up. Cape is a multi-disciplined company working within variety of industries, the regulations we must adhere to are varied. The main regulation for us as a company is the Working at Height Regulations 2005. This regulation covers nearly our entire workforce, which is made up of different disciplines Scaffolders, insulators, painters and blasters and Rope Access Technicians. Everyone at some point works at height as the recent classification for such is as follows: Anywhere above or below ground where there is a risk of fall resulting in injury This means that even if you are on ground level and there is a two foot hole next to you, you are now working at height and as such should have some form of preventative measure in place to prevent access to...
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