Assessing Your Organizations Values

Topics: Patient, Illness, Health care Pages: 2 (441 words) Published: August 30, 2011
Assessing Your Organization's Values Paper
Marvella Davis
University Of Phoenix
COM / 310
Juan Vigil
August 10, 2011

Assessing Your Organization's Values Paper
This paper will analyze the values of Medical Services of America and analyze the corporate and business culture of MSA. This paper will also discuss the structure of the organization and the information sharing practices. The first part of this paper will discuss the structure and power relationships that influence decision-making within medical services of America. Structure, refers to rules and resources that members use to create and sustain the system as well as to guide the behavior of the staff. At medical services of America as with any medical or nursing career or job there are already a set of rules to follow in order to perform your job efficiently. Some of the rules are always to be professional be ethic based in nature and follow the state and federal regulations as a licensed professional in healthcare. Medical services of America have strict guidelines to follow state and federal regulations and as a licensed professional in healthcare you are to follow all of these regulations. Medical services of America have all of these rules in place and make sure that they are implemented in order to have a controlled work environment. In nursing the documentation of everything on the patient is a vital rule in order to be in compliance with the rules that are implemented at medical services of America. These set of state and government rules and regulations all help to sustain the structured system at medical services of America. These implemented rules also direct the status personal behavior in regards to each patient that they interact with. Part of the resources that medical services of America uses is the patient's feedback and the community support for improvement and growth in order to give better care to their patients. But one of the main resources that the organization...
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