Assessing the Pros and Cons of Angel Investing Using Nova Flo

Pages: 4 (681 words) Published: August 6, 2011
Assess the pros and cons of angel investing using Nova Flo as an example.

Nova Flo for introduction is purchased and utilized in the United States Of America, Canada, Mexico

also in the far east. Nova Flo is a non electrical magnetically operational device that senses water levels

in the bath or basin area. The water will shut off automatically to prevent flood damage and water

usage overuse. With proper install this mechanism is a secondary type of insurance policy.

There is a reset encoded within the device. This system is proven and reliable the mechanism is

invisible. Non battery operational. The Nova Flo system has been modified for easy install. The system

is green and saves money due to water wastage.

Numerous properties suffer damages every year. So landlords are taking extra precautions to save

unlimited damages to properties and in the same sense giving the tenants a piece of mind and saving

tenants in the case of forgetfulness. Nova Flo is a good preventative emergencies. This aides the tenants

protection in the terms of monetary terms.

It's not difficult to attain an expensive water bill. In fact it takes far less time to accumulate a expensive

water debt from faulty plumbing and even forgetfulness than it would take extra or double the time to

pay the incurred debt. Landlords and various types of property management is using this tool Nova Flo

to save everyone time,money and energy.

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The Pros of Angel Investing in terms of Nova Flo

The beginning source is knowing and understanding that angel investing from benefactors is a huge

help under normal circumstances to most new inventors or business owners. Nova Flo was a new

business at the time when the owner/ inventor went on a reality television show to receive business

ideas and to attempt to interview and attain a secure investment to finance the invention....
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