Assessing Own Knowledge and Skills by Reflecting on Them

Topics: Need, School, Learning Pages: 3 (874 words) Published: April 15, 2015
P 2 Assess your own knowledge, skills, practice, values, beliefs and career aspirations at the start of the programme

Knowledge is an understanding on a certain subject, the information can be from skills, information or facts. I am going to assess my own knowledge and skills by reflecting them. At the moment I am at college doing my Health and Social Care and I am doing my Level 2 Teach Assisting course at a sure start centre. My placement is in a primary school in a reception class. I have learned different things in different ways. I am more the “hands on” person, I have to do it myself to learn. When I left school I done my grades in German, Maths, English and Geography. After that I started a year as a joiner in school, because often when I was little I watched and helped my dad working with wood, as he had his own company. I loved doing it, because that was my time with my dad and no one else. So when I started that year as a joiner, I felt closes to my dad. But within that year I knew that that wasn’t what I wanted to do, and I only thought so, because I wanted to follow my dad footsteps. Because I had learned that much working with my dad, I didn’t have any problems in school. My dad always showed me what to do and then let me try myself, and if it had gone wrong, I just started again. So I learned by my own mistakes. When I moved over to Britain, I hardly spoke any English and my partner was always at work, so I observed others and taught myself everything I needed to know. Often I had to get the dictionary out to translate what the other people were saying and I had to remind them to speak a bit slower, because I had to translate everything in my head and put the sentences back together, often I thought about giving up and moving back to Germany. But then I told myself if I get to know some more people that I will learn more, I just need to communicate more with new people. So I went out more often, to speak to others and watch them talk to each...
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