Assessing Adjustment Problems Amongst First Year College Students

Pages: 9 (1325 words) Published: September 22, 2014
Assessing Adjustment Problems of a First Year College
Students of St. Jude College-Manila
Academic Year 2014-2015


Bareja, Preziah
Mendoza, Rynalyn
Pascual, Abegail
Quilicot, Geselle
Regucera, Czaryah
Talon, Micaela


1.1 Background of the Study
Attending college is one of the first major life transitions for many young adults. Some students are excited to take on the new experiences of campus life, while others feel apprehensive about making this change. Freshmen year in college is usually a stressful time for social and academic adjustment. Adjustment to college will also vary depending on the size and mission, like research intensive versus teaching intensive; affiliation, like religiously affiliated institutions; and control, like public versus private of the institution in question (Bernacle, & Cheunarrom, 2000; Lubker & Etzl, 2007). Furthermore, first-year transition can be filled with emotional stressors such as loneliness, home sickness, grief, confusion and uncertainty (Tuna, 2009; Moore, 2006; Dennis, Phinney, & Chuateco, 2005 ) all related to break from their primary attachment figures-parents and or other loved ones. Secondary graduate students move to one place to another to pursue their tertiary level education. And they commonly face unfamiliar experiences and academic environment; this is a very stressful event with the students because of the new responsibilities and changes they may experience. College environment is mainly characterized by almost homogenous ability groups, high competitive situations, strict grading systems, poor teacher-student relationships, and the need to make important decisions on the part of the individual learner (Yalew, 2003). And Fischer (2009) argued that academic and social conditions in higher learning induce anxiety, a sense of incapability and feeling of inferiority for many students. College level academic activities are different in many ways from the students‟ high school experiences. In colleges, students are expected to master or to accomplish a great deal of tasks such as attending classes, taking lecture notes, studying for tests, writing term papers and assignments, reading books and reference materials for different subjects and working for minimum requirements for survival (Yalew,2003;Moore, 2006; Chong, Elias, Mahyuddin, & Uli., 2009). According to Smith & Renk (2007), cited in Chong etal., (2009 ), struggling with tests and assignment, copping with academic demands and challenging professors, transitioning into financial and emotional independence can be an overwhelming experience for many students. All these activities demand intellectual and emotional adjustment on the part of the learners. Adjusting to college entails the complementary processes of desocialization and socialization. Desocialization is the changing or discarding of selected values, beliefs, and traits one brings to college in response to the college experience. Socialization is the process of being exposed to and taking on some of the new values, attitudes, beliefs, and perspectives to which one is exposed at college. It is also the process of learning and internalizing the character, culture, and behavioral norms of the institution one is attending. (Ernest Pascarella and Patrick Terenzini 1991) By focusing on adjustment difficulties, the study is believed to have its contribution by suggesting possible remedial strategies and implications to further understand factors that are related to students’ multifaceted problems in St. Jude College-Manila.

1.2 Statemet of the Problem
Many students continue their higher level education, this is the one of the major life experience. At the same time they need to accept the fact that they are able to be a matured person, being understandable in everything what happen in their new level. In colleges and universities, it is generally acknowledged that freshman students are...
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