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Learner activities

Activity 1a
Differentiating two products or services using the marketing mix 1) Discuss in your group how you think these two similar products differentiate their Products?
Products - Coca-Cola and Pepsi
First at all there are different by their brand that show in big letters the name of the brand and also by the target market that their targeting.

2) How would a new competitor into the beverage market with very limited Marketing dollars compete against them?
If a new competitor have to compete with them they may need to target a younger generation customer and got a name that attract more than the two others brand.

3) How would the following service providers distinguish their services? Mazda car servicing division and your local service station mechanic

Mazda car servicing would only take part of reparation or other if the car belong to their brand or related to their brand but the cost would be higher than my local service station mechanic that take any cars on any brands.

4) Now consider two similar products that differentiate very clearly by price: Golden Circle sliced peaches
Home Brand sliced peaches.
Golden circles is more expansive than the home brand because they pretend that their peaches is good quality product but we have to consider the case that there some cost of the export if that the peaches don’t come from the country and manoeuvre. Home brand is especially cheap product that shows the deference of price.

5) What is their significance to the consumer, that is, what are they offering and who are their target markets?
Discuss with the class.
Basically their targeting very different customer one is offering a high quality peaches of a recognized brand for customer that want to eat expansive one and one is targeting people that may want to eat peach but want to eat it for economic price.

Activity 2a
In your group, review the following well-established products. Identify two external elements each that they may have encountered (e.g. disasters etc.) and had to adjust to in order to preserve their brand and sales

Greater Union Cinemas
Mercedes Benz
Present your findings to the class.

Qantas: Qantas was under government ownership until 1995, with a classical/scientific management structure and became a private brand to maintain a more competitive, efficient and profitable business with less competition in the domestic markets and Qantas had to make an increased profit and pay a dividend to its shareholders which increased over the years of management. IPOD: The Apple iPod has a little battery capacity that discharging very quickly While the battery's life varies by the type of iPod you have and the programs you use it with It uses a non-user replaceable battery, as it is inside the unit and requires an Apple technician to replace it and they decide to do a high capacity charger

Mercedes Benz: Carl Benz, a German inventor owner of "Benz and Cie" merges with the group Daimler Motoren Gesellschaft, which gave Mercedes-Benz AG in 1926. The machine was launched as the L Series. It is mainly a truck for the armed forces of the time. But during the war, the factories were bombed which forced the company to turn to other products: cars and bikes.

Nike: In 1984, basketball became the flagship sports brand with the signing of player Michael Jordan, and the creation of the Nike Air Jordan with a contract of 50% of the income for Michael Jordan for each pair sale to the customer. However due to the success of the shoes at every shoes released in the market Nike had to separate to Michael Jordan in 1997 and the creation of the Jordan Brand because it was became more influent that Nike itself that customer come to believe that Nike is belonging to Michael Jordan an error marketing that Nike won’t do it again.

Activity 3a
Write down a product that you buy regularly....
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