Assess the View That the Working Class Underachievement in School Is Because of Home Circumstances.

Topics: Social class, Middle class, Sociology Pages: 3 (1202 words) Published: November 7, 2010
Contemporary views are that class is still the most significant social factor for accounting for differences in educational achievement. It seems that middle class children tend to do better than working class children. Most sociologists believe that in every social class there is the same range of ability, this means that class differences in educational attainment are not due to class differences in intelligence, but due to other circumstances such as the home and socialization. However some sociologists would argue that attainment in classes results from sifting, sorting and assessment of pupils in terms of teacher’s perceptions of class, ability and conduct. Throughout this essay, the view that working class underachievers in school is because of home circumstances will be assessed. It is well known and well assumed that working class pupils underachieve in school. Some sociologists would argue that the reason for this is related to home circumstances. They saw that working class pupils were somewhat deprived. This deprivation was material, meaning there was a lack of money and things that money could buy in working class homes. Also these homes were missing something cultural, an absence of attitudes and skills needed to be successful in school and their education. Working class children and children in poverty often live in cramped, cold, unhygienic surroundings. Shortage of money would mean that they would have to make money on their own without financial support from their parents. They would get a part time job to aid this problem at weekends and the evenings, leaving less time for school and leaving at the minimum age. Also working class parents may not be able to supply healthy foods and the home conditions can lead to ill health. This results in absence from school, tiredness and irritability. J.B.W Douglas saw differences in primary socialisation as the main reason for class differences in attainment. He claimed that middle class...
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