Assess the Most Important Constitutional Changes Introduced in the Uk Since 1997

Topics: United Kingdom, Scottish Parliament, Scotland Pages: 4 (1327 words) Published: October 18, 2012
New Labour came into power on May 1st 1997 and pledged to undertake the most radical shift in constitutional arrangements which would reform British constitution. Majority agree that this was a momentous period of constitutional change, arguably the most important period of constitutional change in Britain since the introduction of universal suffrage. However others think that it was too radical, too unplanned and too unfinished. By the end of its first term (1997-2001), the Balir government had enacted a substantial reform programme.

One reform introudced after 1997 was devolution. The centrepiece of Labour’s programme of constitutional reform was undoubtedly this. Referendums had been held in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland regading whether they should have their own Parliaments and devolved government. Devolution will almost certainly have an impact on the wishes of the people who live there to see complete independence for their country. Once devolution had been granted, complete independence would see an opportunity to point out how good that country is at self-government. It would also lead a renewed push for independence it is better for Scotland and Wales as they get to run a minority themselves without so much interference by our incompetent government. In Scotland’s first year it passed eight bills into acts and eleven bills were going through the parliamentary process. Therefore, in 12 months 19 issues relating to Scotland were either finalised or going through the process of being accepted or not. On average, the House of Commons passed one or two acts a year that directly related to Scotland. In this sense, the Scottish Parliament has been very successful as they managed to set things straight.

One of the major arguments against devolution is that it will be the start of the break-up of the United Kingdom; that from small beginnings (if devolution can be seen as ‘small’) the ultimate fate of this country will be regional authorities with...
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