Assess the Legacy of Caesar

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Ancient History

Assess the Legacy of Caesar

Caesar was one of the most ambitious and determined men to ever rule the Roman Empire. He became a legend in his own right by defeating his highest political threat at his time, Pompey. Taking Rome by storm, Caesar marched his way to power supported by his loyal army and followers claiming his Dictatorship for life. Changes that he made during his time still remain strong in our time such as the Calendar.

Gaius Julius Caesar was a man of high prestige, charm and talent. His physical appearance and the way he put himself out to the public was a great factor to his iconic ongoing Legacy. He was described as “tall, with a pale complexion, shapely limbs, a rather chubby face and black piercing eyes”(Garland). This distinct description of Caesar gives an iconic symbol to many Romans. His description of a strong male physic can be linked to his military achievements. Caesar was fairly active during war and had a high expectation of winning. In the battle of Gaul in Alesia he served with his men at their weakest point and ended up winning the war. Political leaders at his time such as Pompey and Vercingetorix would order their army rather then lead them. According to Garland “He marched alongside his legionaries bareheaded in both sun and rain, and made it a point of honour to endure the same hardships” it not only proves the point of his highly physic body but shows his commitment and dedication to his army giving the public the sense of a strong and dedicated leader.

He also had statues proving his significance in his lifetime; in fact six marble statues were made of him. Such great looks and talent came along the idea of Caesar being a “womanizer and a sodomite” (Garland ) as Suetonius describes the reaction of the public to Caesar as being “every woman’s man and every man’s woman” linking to the concept of him being strongly admired by many Roman people at his time. He encountered many relationships at his time...
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