Assess the importance of the Celtic Iron Age regarding to human societal development in Europe

Topics: Iron Age, Celts, Prehistory Pages: 4 (1841 words) Published: May 24, 2014
Assess the importance of the Celtic Iron Age regarding to human societal development in Europe The Celtic Iron age is considered evolutionary regarding to human societal development and lasted about 800 years in Europe. Even though the remaining two of the three-age system has an equal amount of significant and importance as the Bronze Age was described as the age where “humans have already created a complete and complex world1”. The Iron Age was crucial as it was the ‘development of highly sophisticated social and physiological development of humans2’. There are multiple reasons why the Celtic Iron age has such significants. Firstly, the technology that had been created by the new found metal had major impacted on the Celtic society. Secondly, new lifestyles that massively change how humans use to live. Amongst this coinage had also been introduced within Celtic regions which invented more practical ways of trading. There was also an increase interest in personal appearance along with a more relaxed lifestyle. Celtic people also began to invent things to do for leisure. Lastly, Celtic religion started to evolve and politics was beginning to be invented. The Celtic Iron Age would be considered the most important within the Three-age System regarding to human societal development in Europe. It has made many improvements for humans to achieve the level of societal complexity today. The development of advance human society has mostly evolved though the revolutionary advances in weapons and crafts that were forged by Iron. Iron was very significant and made life for humans much easier after its discovery. Many of the weapons forged by iron was much stronger and lighter than bronze, this allowed for improvements to be made to weapons and agricultural tools. Many of the common tools that were used during the Celtic Iron Age are till used today. For example the sickles or pruning hooks which were used by Iron Age farmers, the tool was used for cutting and shaping...
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