Assess The Importance Of Building Positive Relationships For Offenders P5 P6 M2 D2

Topics: Prison, Emotion, The Prisoner Pages: 4 (1295 words) Published: May 20, 2015
Assess the importance of building positive relationships for offenders

It is important to build a positive relationship between prisoners and those who they come in contact with both while in custody and on release. For example is a prisoner does not have positive support or role models in the community they come from it can means that when they return to that environment they will more likely reoffend again but if the prisoner can build a positive relationships this will lead to opportunities work or constructive study and the chances of reoffending are greatly reduced. It can be very hard for prisoner to have relationships outside the prison as they might have alienated family and friends also they might find it difficult to reintegrate into society as there is a social stigma attached to those who have served a custodial sentence and by being taken into custody jobs, family and housing might be lost. This can leave a negative impact on prisoners that is why is good to allow prisoners to maintain relationship with family and friends this is why prisoners are entitled to visits which are taken place in a supervised which sometimes if stressful for both prisoner and visitor. Children are allowed to visit and it is encouraged to create relationship between prisoner and children these include having open days and encouraging offenders to tape bedtime stories for kids or write stories and letters to send to them. It is important to have prohibition officers both for rehabilitation both while in custody and on release they help with the prisoner to address there problem of reoffending and help with prisoner reintegration into society on release. People can also volunteer to help prisoners both during custody and on release. There are schemes like toe by toe and storybook dads which relay on volunteers and the Samaritans who are active in prison, supporting prisoners and training listeners. There a lot of different type of people in prison and they all have...
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