Assess the Importance of Anti-Communism in Shaping the Policies of the Us Towards Indochina B/W 1954 + 1979

Topics: Vietnam War, Vietnam, Communism Pages: 2 (671 words) Published: October 12, 2008
Anti communism was the centrepiece of us foreign policy from 1941 but by the 1970s it was less important, and indochina was also. By 1954 the us was paying 80% of the costs of the french war against the vite communsits. it saw communism as a global monolith, the vietnamese not as nationalists but as tools of the sino-soviet bloc. Vietnam was not important in itself but a place to 'draw the line', after china had been lost, otherwise like dominoes all seasia would go communist, and japan would turn to china as an ally. so said the us president, the us could not see that nationalism and cluss struggle brought communism to power in poor nations in 1954, the west succeeded in making laos and cambodia non0communist state at geneva, and following british suggestion "temporaily" divided VN. Even this was not acceptable to the us. They put into the south Diem, a fervant anti-communist, who refused the mandated 1956 unification re-election. By 1959 with us funding and weapons diem had arrested or killed 90% of communist cadre in SVN. At this time the nvn leadership sanctioned a resoultion in SVN. The use depicted this as NVN's "aggression" by communists As the new NLF (set up dec 1960) won significant success, succesive presidents especialy JFK and LBJ escalated, arguing that defeat in VN would envourage "communist aggresion" world-wide. After 1964, the soviet-us cold war intensified as kruschev (who sought "peaveul coexistance") was replaced by Brezhnev as soviet leader. In the 1960's also china became more militant. As the VN war escalated, the USSR and China gave NVN and the NLF more aid and arms, so that the VN war became a proxy war b/w the USA and the communist powers. This might have been averted. In 1963 JFK decided that he would reduce US advisors in SVN from 12,000 to under 1000 as the SVN army was unwilling to fight, because it was not americas war to fight; but he also sanctioned the overthrow of diem who was not an effective anti-communist leader, and who...
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