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Assess the Impact of the Industrial Revolution on Children

By krishy1993 Dec 18, 2010 403 Words
Assess the impact of the Industrial Revolution on children during the 19th Century in Britain During the nineteenth century great social and economic changes occurred throughout Britain. Education and political privileges that had once belonged largely to the upper class, spread to the growing middle class. Children were affected both positively and negatively by the Industrial Revolution depending on the socioeconomic status. Revisionist historians are quick to point out that the Industrial revolution encouraged child labour and less access to education for many working and lower class children. A revisionist study therefore does not account for the effect of the industrial revolution on upper class children, who were expected to be educated in trade, as the demand for skilled labour increased dramatically. The effect of the revolution was also different between children in rural and urban areas as a result the effect of the Industrial revolution varied vastly across the three classes and geographical location.

The negative externalities of the Industrial revolution are highly evident on its impact on lower class children. As historian ____________ notes _________________. This highlights the detrimental effect of the Industrial Revolution on children in lower class families. They had less access to education in skilled trade such as carpentry. The living standards for the lower class were very poor being unsanitary and cramped. Life expectancy for the lower class was low. The working class children were also affected negatively from the Industrial Revolution. ________________source.

The effect of the Industrial Revolution on the lower and working classes is very similar and juxtaposes its effect on the upper class. Upper class children were expected to ____. Source____ living standards remained the same_____ nothing much changed for the upper class.

The Industrial Revolution’s effect on people living in rural areas is quite different to those living in more centralised urban areas.

Essay Plan:
Context: to Industrial Revolution (time period, big picture of how it transformed Britain) * Highlight two historical perspective that relate to impact of the IR on children (divergent) * Use this to highlight your own overarching thesis

* Identify approach to approve this , look at children across three classes (child labour, education, living standards, life expectancy) * Conclude intro with country vs. City
Paragraph 1: - lower class (child labour, education, living conditions, life expectancy) * Examples + sources+ historian quotations
Paragraph 2: repeat for middle class
Paragraph 3: repeat for upper class
Paragraph 4: country vs. city
Conclusion: Conclude and highlight distinctions

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