Assess the Impact of the Development of Communications on the Settlement of the American West'

Topics: Native Americans in the United States, Western United States, Arizona Pages: 3 (875 words) Published: March 7, 2006
'Assess the impact of the development of communications on the settlement of the West'.

A vital factor in the communicational development of the West was due to the completion of the Trans-Adlantic Railroad, of which was completed in 1869. The railroad created a new leash of exsistance in American, how the once baron, urban land, now to be industrialized and inhabited by all those who seek a new life. The Railroad however spelt disaster for the Native American Indian Tribes, whose lives were to be devastated by the Railroad's arrival, and pushed to the boundaries of extinction. The railroad provided a cheaper and faster mode of transportation for people and their belongings. No longer would seeking immigrants die through a long ardeous journey that would takes up to months to accomplish, the Trans-Adlantic Railroad was to be their saviour. Never again would the devestation of The Donner Party be felt, this, the most famous tragedy in the history of the westward migration. Almost ninety wagon train emigrants were unable to cross the Sierra Nevada before winter, and almost one-half starved to death. Perhaps because they were ordinary people, farmers, merchants, parents, children; their story captured the imagain ation of the American people. Yet an invention by Samuel Morse the 'Telegraph' furthermore assisted in the communications development of the West. Socially the Impact of the railroad had a huge affect. It did not only allow families to reunite after years of seperation, cutting down the travel time from 6months to 7days via rail. Though the most important factor of the railroad was how it motivated people to 'risk it', to seek a new life, in just 7 days was an astounding acknowledgement, and so many did infact flee in their thousands to the American West. Settlement of the West was a long process, although many fled to the American West, mnay rail towns shortly became ghost towns, deserted, as settlers moved on to find more buisnness, and...
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