Assesment task 1 HLSC110

Topics: Communication, Nonverbal communication, Patient Pages: 4 (1014 words) Published: April 22, 2015

“What can I take away from the experience of observing this video that will help me build knowledge and self awareness in therapeutic communication?”

The video focuses on the communication techniques undertaken by an experienced midwife whilst dealing with a mother who has suffered a stroke during her pregnancy and subsequently has difficulty communicating. There are a number of behaviors and techniques displayed that highlight the importance of continually developing effective therapeutic communication techniques. First of all it is clear throughout the video that the midwife maintains a calming and comforting demeanor, speaking softly with the patient and ensuring that her body language is positive. The midwife focuses on ensuring that the patient and her family understand that there is no current risk to the baby and is pro-active in answering any questions that arise in relation to the mother’s condition and how any changes in that condition may affect both her and the baby. The topic of therapeutic communication in health has been well researched and it involves more than verbal communication and is based on non-verbal triggers also (Price, 2013). The midwife in this video displays elements of efficient therapeutic communication such as good calm tone of voice, comfort touch and open body language. The most important aspect I took from the video was the need to have accomplished therapeutic communication skills to reassure a patient in a high stress situation. The patient requires from you, as a healthcare provider, to be able to trust what you are telling them is correct. Patients who are unable to communicate themselves are at a higher risk of health disparity (Abib- Hajbaghery& Rezai-Shahsavarloo 2014) so more effort needs to be made when communicating to ensure this gap is bridged. Having analyzed the video I now understand that the midwife was able to provide a level of reassurance to the patient and family through therapeutic communication....

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