Assesment Introduction To Nursing

Topics: Nursing, Nurse, Florence Nightingale Pages: 4 (818 words) Published: April 15, 2015

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The article assesses public views of nursing profession in the societies. The outcome of the studies dictates the identity of nurses and self-concept, which is portrayed distinctively even in 20th century. Further, how nurses are treated and overlooked is also determined by the culture and personal belief. The Authors add, work environment and work values directly affects to the self- concepts of the nursing profession. Since the public image of nurses have been remained as sex objects, doctor’s handmaid and angles, it has been difficult for nurses to show their contribution towards the healthcare sectors.

The study also completed the research on nursing stereotypes and collected the abstract of the study. The findings in the particular study show that healthcare industries and societies are comprehensively relying on medias for nurse’s duty and their knowledge. Hence, nurses are treated as lowly qualified professionals. Another important aspect of the article is how nursing career has always been considered as feminine. Because of cultural thoughts and historical appearance of nurses most of the parents do not encourage their children to become a nurse. People still believe nurses are only a carer and are not qualified to perform any technology and diagnosis the disease. The Authors exert that this nurses do too little to show people what they actually do and make them believe they are not only a person that sits next to the patient and follow the doctors instruction.

The paper suggests the nursing profession is nevertheless respected highly and there is still a lot of demands of nurses. Government and healthcare industries should implement to provide extra boost to support people to embrace the nursing career. Dissemination of information about what...
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