Assesment 6 Practical Team Sport

Topics: Defense, PASS, Rugby union Pages: 3 (1015 words) Published: April 17, 2013
BTEC Subsidiary\Extended Diploma In Sport
QCF Level 3

Unit 8: Practical Sport (PT)
Unit 22: Rules, Regulations and Officiating in Sport (R&R)

Assessment 6 of 8

Skills and techniques-

Passing: the skill off passing is used when a player on the same team is giving the ball to another member, this is called passing and this is used to spread the play across the line of attack as the ball in tag rugby cannot be passed forward so generally the ball will be thrown sideways or backwards using the following technique. When the player feels that it is right they will look for a pass by doing this there head position will be looking to where they plan on the ball reaching and this is typically to the midriff of a player on their team so to perform this skill they will have their feet shoulder width apart so that they have balance but also they will have the ball in both hands so that they do not drop it when using the passing action which is having both hands either side of the ball bringing the ball back to create momentum and power and then bring it towards their target and releasing giving the force that is required for it to reach their team mate.

Catching: This skill is when you are receiving a pass as you will have to catch the ball and to do this to make your teams play fluent and quick you must have a good technique on how to catch the ball. To have a good technique on catching the ball you must make sure your hands are clear and visible for your teammate to see that you are ready for the ball but then when the ball is heading in your direction you must make sure that your feet are shoulders width apart and that you have a solid base and you are balanced then make sure your hands are close to your chest so that if you happen to miss the ball it will rebound off your chest and will be easier to catch , before catching the ball your head and eyes must be looking at the direction of the ball so that you are ready then when successfully...
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