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Assessing Canada’s Role in the World from 1945-2000

Canada has played a very significant role in the world from 1945-2000. Canada is viewed as a peacekeeping country because of its contributions to organizations such as the United Nations. Because of these contributions; Canada now has a much larger and more influential role on the world stage. Canada has also been involved in a number of international conflicts. Most notably was in 1950; Canada aided the people of South Korea against the aggressors from North Korea. Over the years Canada’s foreign policies have changed drastically. After WW1 Canada gained its independence and no longer had to fallow Britain to war. Canada could now decide for itself weather or not the country would go to war. Canada has gone through many significant changes since 1945 and has earned the title of a peacekeeping nation.

Canada has been an active member of the United Nations since its creation in 1945. Canada has also served 12 years on the UN Security Council. Canada has also contributed to more peacekeeping missions than any other member of the UN and has been a part of every UN mission since 1957. Most notably was when the Canadian Secretary of State for external affairs Lester Pearson peacefully defused the Suez crisis. Lester was later awarded a Nobel peace prize for his work and later created the United Nations Emergency Force (UNEF).

On July, 27, 1950, the Canadian government decided to send Canadian solders to assist UN forces in Korea. North Korea’s invasion of South Korea marked the first open act of aggression since the establishment of the United Nations in 1945. Canada felt that it was very important to support the UN’s effort to control the situation and sent more than 26,000 solders to serve in Korea. Canada made the largest contribution to dissolve the situation in proportion to its population. The effort made in Korea was declared a success however; the country remains divided at the 38th parallel...
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