Asses the Usefulness of the Different Types of Punishment in Our Society

Topics: Prison, Criminal justice, Criminology Pages: 3 (1148 words) Published: May 27, 2013
Asses the usefulness of the different types of punishment in our society Punishment has always been part of society; it has always been seen as a key element that allows us to see how far society goes to maintain social control. In today’s society Freely and Simon argue that the stress of social control has changed from controlling deviant people’s behaviour to controlling people that are heading down a potentially deviant route, this has been done through schemes such as NACRO which is a charitable organisation which provides houses for criminals, it also helps prisoners to find work and works with families and communities to cut crime. Functionalist Durkheim says that society can only exist if members share a collective consciousness and share common values. He says that a legal system is then put in place to create boundaries between them and the rest of society , prisons are an example of a system that creates such boundaries functionalist say that prisons function is to act as a warning device so it can be said that prisons are useful in such manor. Marxist however have a different approach and say that the law reflects the ruling class and go further to say that punishment also reflects their interests they believe that punishment is a ruling class phenomena and is sued to oppress and punish the working class, they strongly believe capitalism has allowed prisons to serve useful purposes such as, training workers in discipline of long working hours in poor conditions. So it can be said that imprisonment is not a very useful form of punishment. Prisons are a major source of punishment in our society today and one of the main functions of the prison is to deter people from crime which helps to protect the general public, it can be said that it is useful in this way as a form of punishment as it does separate the criminals from the society however it can also be highly argued that the prison is not a useful type of punishment at all as it fails to perform some...
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