Assertiveness: Expressing Positive and Negative Emotions

Topics: Aggression, Assertiveness, Conflict Pages: 2 (584 words) Published: February 12, 2013

TO ASSERT -- To state an opinion, claim a right, or establish authority. If you assert yourself, you behave in a way that expresses your confidence, importance or power and earns you respect from others. - From the Oxford English Dictionary Assertiveness is standing up for your right to be treated fairly. It is expressing your opinions, needs, and feelings, without ignoring or hurting the opinions, needs, and feelings of others. Because people want to be liked and thought of as 'nice' or 'easy to get along with', they often keep their opinions to themselves, especially if those opinions conflict with other people's. But this sometimes leads to being taken advantage of by people who are not as nice or considerate. Asserting yourself will stop others from cheating you and you from cheating yourself out of what you deserve. Assertive behavior includes:

Starting, changing, or ending conversations
Sharing feelings, opinions, and experiences with others •Making requests and asking for favors
Refusing others' requests if they are too demanding
Questioning rules or traditions that don't make sense or don't seem fair •Addressing problems or things that bother you
Being firm so that your rights are respected
Expressing positive emotions
Expressing negative emotions
What Are the Benefits of Assertiveness?:
Assertiveness affects many areas of life. Assertive people tend to have fewer conflicts in their dealings with others, which translates into much less stress in their lives. They get their needs met (which also means less stressing over unmet needs), and help others get their needs met, too. Having stronger, more supportive relationships virtually guarantees that, in a bind, they have people they can count on, which also helps with stress management, and even leads to a healthier body. Contrasting with this, aggressiveness tends to alienate others and create unnecessary stress. Those on the receiving end of aggressive...
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