Assembly Program

Topics: ASCII, Unicode, Lower case Pages: 3 (613 words) Published: February 4, 2012
List Of Assembly Programs

1.Write a program to read a character from the keyboard and display at the beginning of the next line. Page: 69(Done)

2.Write a program to (a) display a “?” (b) read two decimal digits whose sum less than 10 (c) display them and their sum on the next line. Page: 80

3.Write a program to (a) prompt the user, (b) read first, middle, and last initials of a person’s name, and display them down the left margin. Page: 80

4.Write a program to display a message. Page: 75(Done)

5.Write a program to enter a lower case letter and on the next line display another message with the letter in uppercase. Page: 76(Done)

6.Write a program to enter a uppercase/lowercase letters and display in lowercase/uppercase letter.

7.Suppose AX and BX contain signed numbers. Write a program to put the biggest one in CX and also display it. Page: 97

8.If AL contains 1 or 3, display ‘O’. If AL contains 2 or 4 display ‘E’. Write a program to solve it. Page: 105

9.Write a program to count the number of characters in an input line. Page: 105

10.Write a program to prompt the user to enter a line of text. On the next line display the capital letter that come first alphabetically and the one that comes last. If no capital letters are entered display “No Capital Letter”. Page: 108

11.Write a program to put the sum 1+4+7+...............+148 in AX. Then display the result. Page: 114

12.Write a program to put the sum 100+95+90+..........+5 in AX. Then display the result. Page: 114

13.Write a program to display a ‘?’ and also read two capital letters and display them next line alphabetically order. Page: 115

14.Write a program to display extended ASCII characters (ASCII code 80h to FFh). Display 10 characters per line separated by blanks. Stop the program after extended characters have been displayed. Page: 114

15.Write a program that will prompt the user to enter a hex digit character (0...9 or A...F) . Display it on the next line in...
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