Asrs Implementation

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ASRS Implementation Plan
CanGo is a fast growing company into the world of business. Our major goal is to guide and present the appropriate plans that will help benefit the company’s sales over all. Business that is widely spread needs a sure plan over all for the company’s market. ASRS (AUTOMATED STORAGE & RETRIEVAL SYSTEM) is the major issues that need to focus to organize the work load in a proper manner. Major benefit of this technology minimizes the risk of the companies, products, pricing, services, risks, rewards and benefits of this technology. ASRS is a technology that will minimize the amount of the work because this technique requires less man power. Most of the work is self operated and need onetime installation and periodically maintenance.

Products – to manage your accounts of products, ASRS technology would be very helpful. By installing this technology it will cut the processing time, service time and improve the efficiency then manual operated process. This system is totally different from the manually operating system and much faster and includes the process almost from manufacturing to distribution of the product. With this system we could able to get more accuracy proper timing for delivery with one time installation cost. Pricing – as it is a programmed based machinery which has its own memory by which we can allot prices by categorizing them in the various section. This technology helps us to sell products on low prices because it will help to cut the production cost. So if we have low cost of production then we could sell our products above the competitor price, which will drain more customers. Fully mechanized system requiring little labor to operate, which also saves you more than 20% or above inventory cost. Services – ASRS technology provides a controlled environment for component storage and electronic burn-in processes. This system is set up in a manner that it will move it to the next operation without manual input....
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