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Joshua James Griffiths

AHY3216 - Music Industry Case Study
The Business Models Of Small Recording Studios
Tutor - Alistair McNichol

Students will produce a written document of 3,000 words, demonstrating research, analysis and evaluation of the main body of work as proposed in the formative assessment as agreed.  
Understanding of the chosen topic of study including its context, literature and methodological approach. Use of effective research and analysis techniques.
Evaluation and interpretation of the findings of the study.
Presentation of work to a high level of sophistication.


Page 1: Front page
Page 2: Contents
Page 3: Introduction
Page 4: Interviews
Page 5: DC Studios
Page 6:
Page 7: BigSkyRecords
Page 8:
Page 9: The Studio
Page 10:
Page 11: Data Collection
Page 12: Data Analysis
Page 13:
Page 14: Conclusion

1 Introduction
Give a complete overview of what the report discusses.
Introduce the broad context.
Introduce the broad issues.
Entice the reader into wanting to read on

The following report discusses

For my industry case study I have looked into “The Business Models Of Small Recording Studios”. This involved gathering primary research, speaking to studio owners and arranging semi-structured interviews to ask them about the operations of their business. I wanted to find out the working formula for a small studio, relating the questions I ask to some of the key elements involved within a business model.

I shall start by giving a definition of a business model, what’s involved and the importance of having one for your business, and to avoid confusion explain the difference between a business plan and business model. I will show an example of a business model, which I have based my interview questions around, this will enable me to get answers that will give me an understanding of their business and how they operate. There will also be secondary research such as statistics (Quantitative) and literature (Qualitative) to support my findings.


Set the scene of the topic area very clearly.
Begin to discuss the topic area and the issues that are the focus of the case study.

The topic area of my case study is the business models of small recording studios. To understand more about the business models I will compare three studios by conducting semi-structured interviews, which will answer 7 key points, which I have derived from these 3 main areas of business models; Thomson and Martin would suggest the basic themes of a business model are Products (or services), Customer and Competitive Logic – the Compelling reason for people to buy Products and Services. Pg 58 in strategic management

What is a business model?

The business model provides an explanation of an organization’s ‘recipe for success’ and it contains those factors that essentially define the business. It is, in many respects, the vehicle for delivering the purpose or mission. It encapsulates both ‘big picture’ and ‘little picture’ elements and it can be applied to both the present and the future. Over time the model, and the strategies it encapsulates are likely to change, even if the basic purpose remains constant. Put simply, the business model should clearly show how the business is going to make money.

There can be some confusion between the definition of a business model and a business plan. Essentially a business plan would involve a detailed executive process of how one would execute their business model.

The business model of any business will vary drastically depending on exactly what that business does.

The drivers of sustainable business success (sometimes referred to as critical success factors) will vary from one business sector to another or even within a single business sector, such as retail, according to such factors...
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