Aspects of Leadership

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Important Aspects of Leadership

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A vital aspect to a successful business is a successful leader. There are many different styles of leadership, therefore, there are positives and negatives to each style.

Keywords: Leadership, managers, followership, “The four I’s,” transactional leaders, transformational leaders, servant leadership

To have a successful business, it must be led by a successful leader. A business leader is the “what and how” of a business. It is important to understand there is a clear difference between a leader and a manager, although some get the two of these mixed up or intertwined. Essentially, the leader creates the vision of the business and the manager carries out the vision throughout the company. As explained in the article, “Managers or Leaders?” although the two are different, they both are crucial to having a successful business. It states to have a successful business you must have “strong managers who excel at execution and oversee day-to-day efforts” and “inspirational, visionary leaders who bring a big picture perspective” (Brookmire, 2014). A credible author, David Brookmire, Ph.D, wrote the article “Managers and Leaders?” He is an executive advisor, coach, researcher, author and authority in leadership effectiveness. To create a successful business, one of the most important aspects is to develop a strong management team to back the vision of the leader. It explains in the article, through the efforts of leadership, an environment will be developed where the employees feel invested in the company and its vision. In doing so, the employees will be motivated to work towards the company’s goals (Brookmire, 2014). According to Brookmire, a manager can shift into the role of a leader over time as he “develops more inspirational behaviors” (Brookmire, 2014). “The Role of the Leadership in Identifying the Premises of the Future Organization,” an article written by Delia Domnica, also exposes the differences between a leader and a manager. Domnica explains that although management has important tasks, such as establishing long-term goals and planning and setting budgets, all this comes from communication of the vision, mission and strategy. These are all tasks that belong to the leaders (Domnica, 2012). The article “The Importance of Leadership Followership,” written by Tersea Treiger, focuses on leadership qualities and followership qualities. Treiger defines leadership as “a process of social influence in which one person can enlist the aid and support of others in the accomplishment of a common task” (Treiger, 2014). The author goes into detail of how not everyone has the qualities of what it takes to be a good leader. To start a company or enter into the role of a leader, one must make sure they can handle the task at hand. Treiger explains a handful of negative factors that a bad leader could have. A few of these negative factors are: someone who will quickly “throw you under the bus,” taking credit for your work as their own instead of giving you credit; assigning task to someone else when in reality it is the leader’s job; and using ideas from someone else to advance their own career (Treiger, 2014). If a leader possesses these negative qualities, then that person should not be a leader at all. If one is not in a leadership or management position, then they fall in the category of a followership position. Treiger also touches on the factors of a follower in the article, “The Importance of Leadership Followership.” She explains there are three reasons why people follow others. The first is followers follow people with a good instinct to instruct others or someone who has a good “moral compass.” Another reason stated is, “We follow people who help us grow, because they respect and bring out the best in each of us, help us do great things, and help us understand how to overcome our own weaknesses”...
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